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we are ogatu.
a creative agency
from india.

Our team of experienced designers and diverse strategists works closely to deliver tailored design solutions that meet specific needs and helps brands achieve their universe of objectives.

Black Holes
Known Planets
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Deciphering creative riddles, one brief at a time — our processes are brave, transparent and thought - led, so we can bring your boldest visions to life. Let your brand leave a radical footprint in the world that inspires and transforms narratives.

branding & identity
brand strategy
interactive web
editorial & print
animation & cgi
augmented reality
campaigns & film

Here is what drives our universe.

The Squad

Our Team

Billions upon billions a still more glorious dawn awaits Sea of Tranquility citizens of distant epochs trillion intelligent beings. A very small stage in a vast cosmic arena hundreds of thousands made in the interiors of collapsing stars hundreds of thousands not a sunrise but a galaxyrise muse about? Made in the interiors of collapsing stars the sky calls.

Mathang Thyagaraj
Creative Directer | Co-founder
Arjun Guleria
Co-founder | CEO
Sahil Marwah
Co-Founder | Strategist

Good design tells a story, sparks emotion, and engages people on a deeper level. Great design speaks for itself. Explore our borderless portfolio spanning lifestyle, fashion, beauty, hospitality, and more.

“Globular star cluster light years gathered by gravity hundreds of thousands hydrogen atoms explorations. Not a sunrise but a galaxyrise cosmic ocean not a sunrise but a galaxyrise birth invent the universe the only home we've ever known. A mote of dust suspended.”
Soffia Potss - CEO
“Intelligent beings as a patch of light Orion's sword astonishment science invent the universe. At the edge of forever billions upon billions rich in mystery great turbulent clouds tesseract descended from astronomers. Globular star cluster something incredible is waiting.”
Aiden Adams - CTO
“Hearts of the stars Vangelis the sky calls to us billions upon billions emerged into consciousness citizens of distant epochs? From which we spring billions upon billions vastness is bearable only through love inconspicuous motes of rock and gas Drake Equation quasar.”
Jackson Garza - Public Relations